As Glastonbury fast approaches and the festival season is now firmly upon us, I thought it fitting to share our tried and tested ‘Camping Whilst Maintaining Glamour And Dignity’ guide. Bearing in mind that looking good doesn’t necessarily coincide with living in a damp, smelly tent whist drinking constantly (on a hangover), the guide includes the best, most useful beauty and makeup products to travel with as well as tips on how to look like a glamour puss on a three day bender while living in a tent. We can’t have our rose&bird girls looking anything other than fabulous now can we?

Before you leave;

Like most things in beauty, a little prep can go a long way. The week running up to the festival is the time to
consider undertaking some ‘damage control…’

  • Invest in milk thistle – taking milk thistle on the run up to and during having a jolly old time can help eamilk thistlese a hangover. It does this by providing nutritional support to the liver and helping maintain normal liver function as well as providing an anti-oxidant action.
  • Wax – it will be well worthwhile getting your underarms and legs waxed before a festival; that way you don’t need to pack your shaving kit and can be smooth and stubble free all weekend. Just make sure you do it 48 hours before fake tan (see guide below for details) For advice on good local waxing, just ask rose&bird!
  • Fake tan – get tanning people – there is nothing like a nicely tanned face to help disguise the pasty face a hangover induces. It gives you more confidence to wear less face makeup and of course we can’t be parading around with milk bottle legs poking out of our denim hot pants now, can we? Check out rose&birds ultimate guide to DIY tanning Lets Get Naked before you put those mitts any where near a bottle of tan.
  • Exfoliate– as you’ll have seen in the tanning guide, exfoliation of the skin is essential for a smooth surface to apply a tan. By removing the dead unwanted skin cells from the surface of the skin, a healthier, glowing version of your skin is revealed. Don’t get those legs out without a good scrub! ‘Origins Ginger Exfoliating Scrub‘ smells amazing and contains emollient rich macadamia and almond oil so it’s incredibly moisturising and removes all traces of roughness.
  • Get your mitt’s done –  getting a gel manicure and pedicure  before you go means you don’t have to worry about chipped or grubby looking nails, and if the sun pokes it’s head out from behind the clouds, you won’t have the fear of revealing your tootsies! contact rose&bird for a manicure and pedicure in your own home and receive 20% off for booking both at the same time.
  • Thread & Tint – getting your eyebrows threaded and tinted before you go means you get away with taking and wearing less makeup. A good set of well manicured brows seriously help frame and open up the eyes. You could even get your lashes tinted to avoid having to wear mascara, although this usually only makes a big difference to fair maidens.

P – Day

So you have followed the prep guide like a little pro and now its P-day, time to party. You have arrived at the festival looking all fresh and perky with clean glossy hair, flawless makeup, glowing tanned skin, and a happy liver. You are wearing you’re beautiful handmade in Ibiza, vintage jewels from Urraca Vintage and are standing out from the crowd in you’re eclectic style clothing from Alter Ego. Now lets look at the main ‘obstacle’ in our way when trying to preserve such beauty…  alcohol. The best advice anyone can give a lady wanting to maintain looks and dignity is… don’t drink alcohol, it’s bad for  you, just talk to FRANK…  No? OK. Well as father rose&bid always says, don’t mix your drinks and match each alcoholic drink with a water (has anyone ever actually done that?)… so bearing in mind you are going to ignore that, the best bet is to tell you how to cheat your way to looking good when hungover/drunk, tired and smelly.steam-cream

  • Most importantly you need to rehydrate – not only for the health benefits but for vanity too; thirsty, dry, sallow looking skin, bright red crispy lips and yellow eyes; not a good look. Drinking pure coconut water is a great way to rehydrate as it contains elecrolytes like sodium which are lost during sweating (dancing A LOT) it tastes nice and sweet too.  Alternatively add fresh lemon to your water for extra anti oxidant, liver cleansing and skin clearing benefits.
  • Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise – counteract tell-tail signs of dehydration with festival must have ‘Steamcream‘; a soothing, handmade, natural and lightweight moisturiser providing long lasting hydration. It can be used on the hands, face and body so is a great little multitasker to pop in your bag and save you space for more pretty frocks. It comes in a multitude of delightfully stylish looking pots too. ‘Bobbie Browns Beach Body Oil‘ is another all over moisturiser that softens and nourishes the skin and can be used everywhere! it smells like holiday in a bottle.
  • Makeup – anything goes at festivals, the more colourful and creative the better. When packing the makeup bag, think multitaskers, colour and waterproof. BB creams are the kings of multitaskers (click here for our guide to CC & BB creams ) firm favourite ‘Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream‘ will prime, conceal, cover and correct your skin tone meaning you can leave your foundation and concealer at home. Once you have your base on add a multitasking cream and lip-tint in one, ‘Bobbie Browns Pot Rouge‘ for lips and cheeks has a gorgeous range of colours and is so easy to apply.
  • A good tip for eye makeup at a festival is to embrace one eye colour, blue, green, plum, cool makeup orange eyes modelbronze… the list is endless, one sweep of colour around the eyes and finish with a good dose of waterproof mascara, doing this saves time and space in your bag of tricks; take a look at rose&birds eye-liner blog for inspiration. Before you prettify those peepers, don’t forget to de-puff and moisturise them, ‘Origins No Puffery‘ is a soothing de-puffing, anti redness, cooling roll-on for eyes. ‘Origins Ginzing‘ eye cream is a beautiful product that wakes up, refreshes and restores radiance to tired eyes. If the bags tell a sad tale of regret and are too dark even for your BB cream to handle, dab some ‘Laura Mercier Secret Concealer‘ under the eyes then pop a bit of ‘YSL Touché Eclait’ on top, and what do you know? Ready for round two.

Portaloo traumas and keeping it clean people;

  • Don’t get caught short ladies, we’ve all be there in one way or another but usually it’s in a pub toilet and you are able to shriek out to pals to throw some loo roll from another toilet under your door. This is thrown out of the window at festivals – there is no gap, nor are there a handy spare toilet filled with loo roll to share out. Take your own. Seriously, this is pretty much the number one rule. Take tissues. Obviously we have found some stylish looking ones – ‘Kleenex Wallet Pack‘ tissues are small handy wallets containing tissues with gorgeously designed packaging meaning you can do your business in style.
  • The chances of there being free standing sinks with Molten Brown hand wash and moisturiser for after your portaloo visit is pretty low (unless you’re a high roller in VIP of course), so its a good idea to take hand sanitize – ‘Quash Me‘ non-drying sanitizer with added antibacterial botanicals contains natures cleansers New Zealand honey, lemon and Aloe Vera; a great way to keep those mucky paws clean.
  • Another way to keep your body, face and hands clean and fresh is to use facial wipes, although nhairot recommended as a day to day skin care option, facial cleanser wipes are a multitasking Godsend for festivals – ‘Amie‘ wipes are moisturising and specially formulated for sensitive skin. If you are deviating from your usual skin care regime, putting more toxins than usual into the body and perhaps struggling to be as squeaky clean as usual, you may find yourself in the midst of a spot outbreak! Don’t panic, just take along some ‘Origins‘ super spot removal.
  • A delightful way to smell pretty at all times without having to take a bottle of your favourite perfume to the festival (which ends in a breakage, loss and tears)  is to take a pot of solid perfume with you. ‘Dot’ by Marc Jacobs solid perfume is masked as a necklace. Talk about multitasking! Genius.
  • Sort the bouf out ladies! There’s no excuse to have a bad hair day during the festivities if you take along the ‘Percy and Reed‘ quintessential quick fix kit for hair- it contains dry shampoo, dry conditioner, bodifying cream, texturising spray, finishing polish and session hold spray. What a dream team. Arrive with blow dried hair on day one, on day two embrace beach babe waves by adding texturising spray to your locks and on day three when its all gone horribly wrong, disguise the grease with dry shampoo, a scarf and a high messy bun, don’t forget those kirby grips! rose&bird is partial to a fish tail when the bouf is out of control, Lauren Conrad’s guide on you tube is nice and easy .

And finally…

glasto macs
Lets all be honest with ourselves and admit it will probably rain. Take stylish precautions such as a pretty clear waterproof poncho like these winners did! Of course taking some wellies and blistex plasters are must haves. At the opposite end of the spectrum, if the sun does decide to stop being in a huff and come out to play, pop some ‘Riemann p20’ once a day quick drying water resistant sun screen on, no one looks good with a pink, burnt perma-embarassed face, so don’t forget to pack some! If you are serious about camping/glamping (in a stylish fashion of course) Boutique Camping is up there with the best with their amazing range of quirky and glamorous tents and cool camping accessories, they’re well worth a look.
Most importantly of all… enjoy your festivals. The best piece of beauty advice any one can ever receive is to be happy, be nice, have fun, play safe and SMILE people, its your most attractive asset.