Im not sure about you, but I’ve always been both intrigued and repulsed by theskin peel pic skin treatment delightfully known as the ‘acid skin peel.’ This facial treatment uses a chemical solution which causes the top layer of dead skin to peel off (like a snake) revealing smoother, younger, less wrinkled skin. As we age, the majority of women would be delighted with such results – however the petrifying and expensive process of applying a strong chemical to the skin, and the puce colour it becomes during the process, is, lets face it, mildly terrifying.

I was, therefore, understandably shocked to the core to see a in-home, DIY skin peel product, casually sitting on the beauty counter of Debenhams during one of my beauty products investigations. Surely Joe Public can’t be trusted with such a medical, scientific, petrifying facial treatment? It seems so – and the brave chaps at ‘Philosophy’ are proud pioneers in this area. Already deciding that I would never try this product,  I  approached the counter with caution. The brand representative was wearing a long white (doctor like) coat, this made me feel more at ease, “she’s wearing a white coat, she must be very knowledgeable in the world of scientific skin care” – stupid consumer,  clever Philosophy.

philosophy productThe extremely helpful and friendly lady was, in fact, genuinely passionate about the brand and full of knowledge – she was obviously well informed and enjoyed using the products.  I expressed some intrigue and fear of the peel; she explained the science behind it and offered to show me how it worked on my arm. I had visions of me in hospital, terrifying burns on my arm having to explain to the doctors that nosiness had got the better of me, I was sorry and I’d never do it again. However I braved on, all for the sake of research. To my delight, my arm not only survived the ordeal but came out a damn sight smoother than before, so I accepted the kind offer to take some samples to use at home. Thanks, Philosophy Lady.

This was one month ago… the peels have sat patiently in my samples draw, often looked at, sometimes prodded, never used. And so it was, one Friday night in January; bored, boozless, full of cold with dry groggy skin, that I decided I needed to brighten up my sad January face….


The ‘Philosophy Microdelivery Peel‘ £59 claims to be a;

next-generation medical microdermabrasion procedure that rapidly resurfaces as it replenishes the skin with vitamin C.”




Here’s what happened….

  •  Step 1 – I applied a teaspoon amount of the vitamin c/peptide crystals to my dry face in gentle circular movements for 60 seconds (of absolute fear.) It felt slightly exfoliating on the skin and had a pleasant citrus smell.
  • Step 2 – After 60 seconds I applied a teaspoon amount of the lactic/salicylic acid activating gel (beyond petrified at this point) and gently massaged it into my skin for two minutes. When applied, a white foam appeared with a nice creamy texture, my skin felt a warming sensation.The product is very easy to apply.
  • Step 3 – After the two minutes I thoroughly rinsed my face…

To my relief my skin wasn’t bright red or in need of hospital treatment, it was in fact, without sounding too dramatic, looking like an absolute dream. It was visibly smoother, softer and plumper; this was only after one mask! I applied my eye and face cream and my skin drank it up – looking all the more radiant. Even Mr rose&bird commented on how well my skin looked and felt – unprompted! What a result. I felt as though my skin had had a professional spa treatment in my own home, which was easy to use, with brilliant results.

The lady recommended one application once a week for around a month, moving onto one application every two weeks and then once a month. The product pack should last for an estimated 9 months, depending on how often you apply it. I know I’d happily pay £6 a month to feel like I’d had a deep exfoliating, anti-ageing, smoothing spa treatment and so I was straight online to purchase the full size pack… “OUT OF STOCK” Noooooooooooooo! It seems the word has spread and I for one am exited to own and use this product, whenever that may be.

 Happy peeling my dreamy little snakes.

*It is always advisable to chat to the delightful women in the white coats on Philosophy before using this product, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Limit your sun exposure for a week after using this product as it may increase your skins’ sensitivity to the sun.*