January is a funny old month, full of the promise of new beginnings and fresh ideas, followed by disappointments and feelings of failure for being unable to stick to the unrealistic resolutions that we love to set for ourselves.

We all spend the run up to Christmas in an expensive, unhealthy, alcohol and buffet fuelled frenzy,
ignoring the nagging wise old owl of our inner conscience warning us of the impending sea of regret
approaching… And here it is… the dark, angry sea of regret otherwise known as JANUARY…the time for advertisers to turn on us and suddenly decide that the delicious nibbles and delightful bubbly diet that they all encouraged us to live on in December is now, in fact, a terrible idea, and we should all feel thoroughly ashamed of ourselves for being such easily led, extravagant, gluttonous sloths.

The punishment? A month of no booze, no socialising, no money and spinach for dinner. What a huge, horrible prank; a prank we all fall for year after year. Anyway, I’m not here to discuss capitalism and the evils that arise from the material driven world, I am simply here to help ease those feelings of disgust and failure, and to help you feel like a more radiant, healthier, less bloated version of yourself!

Here’s to a proactive, healthy, positive and a more manageable January…


  • Start your day with a Glowing Green Smoothie; I recently applied makeup on to a rose and bird bride in her mid 30’s with the most amazing, glowing, taught, clear skin I have ever seen. She explained that she had been drinking a home made smoothie created by  Kimberly Snyde daily for the last six months and her skin had completely changed for the better. I am a convert and drink it daily; I now have more energy and can already feel the benefits within my stomach and on my skin. Click on the ‘Kimberly Snyde’ pink link above for the recipe.
  • Have a technology break once a day;  Get some head space and ignore the outside world for a little while. Turn your phone on to silent mode for a few hours a day, preferably in the evening when you are trying to wind down before bed – avoiding social media and the bright light of your phone or computer will help you to relax more and will give you a little peace from the world. Meditation is a brilliant way to switch off but many people find it difficult to do – ‘Headspace‘ brings meditation up to date and makes it more accessible with their easy to use app providing guided mediation and much more. Click on the pink ‘Headspace’ link above for more information.
  • Think, talk, be POSITIVE; By actively doing this you will experience a huge mood boost. Our outlook on life is based on how we interpret a particular time or event.  For most of us, January is associated with short days, bad weather, lack of money and feeling groggy. We have the power to change our focus and adopt a positive attitude to January – it just takes practice. For a positive outlook to become second nature try to change the way you describe things. Use positive language, even if you don’t necessarily think it – for example, rather than say January is ‘boring, cold and miserable’, describe it as ‘time to be cosy in the house and catch up on sleep.’ Living more in the now also helps you to be more positive. To do this you need to connect to the world around you with total focus and without comparing or judging. For example, rather than rush that dog walk, take time to notice the nature all around you, the people walking past, the houses on the street – observing allows your mind to take a little rest from all the worrying and (as Zen as it sounds), allows you just to ‘be‘- this is a great help for the worriers amongst us. If you have negative emotions, try to observe them rather than engage in them. Acknowledge that you feel that nagging worry but observe it like you would a passing car: it is there, it exists, but you aren’t investing anything into it. The calming effect of this can really be effective and quite surprising!
  • Cleanse your liver; Avoid alcohol for 21 days to cleanse your liver. Drink more water and add a squeeze of lemon juice and some chopped ginger to it. Take milk thistle. Drink herbal tea – local company Love Leaf Tea deliver to your door and have an amazing range of healthy loose leaf teas including ‘Oolong Slimming Tea’ and ‘Brown Rice Green Tea’. Doing all of these healthy little tricks will help undo the damage of December and enable your liver to function better; meaning your body can detox more effectively – your skin, body and mind will thank you.
  • While we are on the subject of Detoxing – if you haven’t already – introduce EPSOM SALTS into your life; discovered in the early 17th century this beauty staple has been brought back into the modern world of beauty by the likes of Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow – and for good reason. These dream salts have many wondrous uses; bathing in Epsom salts helps reduce water retention and tummy bloating. Whilst bathing in them, magnesium and sulphate are absorbed through the skin – toxins and excess fluids are drawn out as the goodness goes in; exfoliate with your usual cleanser mixed with Epsom salts  before bathing for extra fabulous results. For an inner cleanse Epsom salts can help ease an overloaded or poorly functioning digestive system (in other words – makes you go to the loo.) Epsom salts taken internally must be food grade in a powder form that can be mixed with water – there are possible side-effects so its advisable to speak to your doctor before taking Epsom salts.
  • Eat wisely; Always eat breakfast – research has shown that people who eat a good breakfast consume 100 calories less per day than those who go without. Eggs are low-calorie, high in protein and are filled with B vitamins to help you feel fuller for longer. Don’t skip meals, your metabolism responds best when it knows that you eat at the same time everyday. Add protein to every meal to help regulate your blood sugar levels and maintain energy levels. For good digestion and a decent nights sleep, finish your last meal three hours before you go to bed.
  • See the light & pop a pill; Research has shown that a daily midday walk for a hour can be as helpful as light treatment used for beating SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Being outdoors acts as a mood booster, particularly when mixed with exercise – which releases feel good endorphins. However, just being outdoors isn’t enough to produce vitamin D – essential for healthy bones. The problem with living in the UK during the winter (aside from the obvious) is that our skin can’t make vitamin D from sunlight between November and March, resulting in the majority of us lacking in vitamin D during the winter, therefore it is advisable to take a vitamin D supplement in these months.
  • De-clutter – De-stress; use the weekends stuck indoors (due to lack of funds) as a time to de clutter your house, your wardrobe and your life! Earn some money while you do it enviro clothes give money in exchange for old clothes, shoes, sheets, towels, it is all based on weight – the more you throw out the more you earn. Click on the pink ‘enviro clothes’ link for more information.
  • Be kind to yourself; turn the dark, cold, miserable nights into a positive. Look at it as a perfect time to get some rest while the majority of the world does the same –  early nights in bed will make you feel recharged and you’ll think more clearly as a result. There are lots of different things to do that don’t cost much money, can cheer you up and keep you on the road to recovery; have friends round for a home-made dinner cooked from scratch, watch films, read books, take up yoga, get a massage, meditate, learn something new, take advantage of all the special offers hotels and spas have at this time of the year. Don’t wait until January is over to do nice things for yourself, do it NOW. Start being kind to yourself TODAY.

Remember – If you do something EVERY DAY for 28 days it becomes a HABIT – make living a healthy lifestyle a habit. Follow the guide above and this time next year you will be looking at a healthier, happier  YOU… go forth and prosper my little beauties!