BB CC WTF? CC BB science made easy; Get clued up on the new skin phenomenon hitting the UK

Unless you have been walking around for last couple of years with your eyes and ears firmly closed off to the world of beauty products then you will have noticed the arrival of CC and BB creams. They arrived and joined the tinted moisturiser and foundation sector with a huge and glorious bang. But what is all the fuss about? What do they actually do? Which are the best? rose&bird at your service, listen up ladies (and gents, of course).


2012 was the year of the BB cream (in the UK anyway). If you’re a bit late to catch on, here’s a short sweet and not too sciencey explanation; BB’s (beauty balms/blemish base/beauty benefit – you choose) are an Asian import, created and developed in Korea. Thanks to the product exploding in popularity across Asia, Japan and America, Europe has finally caught on (Who us? Always last to catch on? How very dare you!). BB creams are a multitasking skia1n care and coverage product to be used instead of a moisturiser and a foundation. Described as a hybrid between a tinted moisturiser and a foundation, its multitasking nature saves you time and money – rather than having to buy and apply a  primer, concealer, foundation, anti-acne treatment, skin toner, eye cream, highlighter and sunscreen, BB cream does it all. PARDON ME!? Indeed mi lady.

BB creams are a skin care and makeup multitasking product all in one. Worn instead of or on top of moisturiser, BB creams provide a sheer coverage with added skin care benefits (such as blocking the sun’s harmful rays and providing moisturisation) while acting as a treatment all at the same time. They are heavier than tinted moisturisers but lighter than foundations.

Of course the benefits of each BB cream can differ according to which brand you choose and the ingredients they use…  Here are rose&birds favourites:

  • L’Oreal Youth Code BB Cream
  • Garnier BB Cream
  • Smashbox camera ready BB cream

a2CC creams – complexion/colour correcting – can be described as the new, improved, more advanced BB cream. They are made up of skin loving vitamins, plumping peptides and a potent radiance-boosting complex – CC’s do everything that BB’s do and more. While the creams are theoretically different and marketed for separate issues (BB was manufactured as a skin CARE product primarily and CC as a skin CORRECT product) there is only a subtle difference between the two. CC creams tend to be lighter on the skin than BB creams and address issues such as sallowness and redness, whereas BB creams are more like a light foundation with skincare benefits thrown in. In effect CC cream was developed to retain all of the skincare benefits of BB cream but with added nourishing ingredients and an aim to provide more effective coverage. Here are the dream team…

  • Clinique moisture surge CC cream
  • Olay Regenerist CC cream
  • Maxfactor CC cream

CC’s and BB’s are a  Godsend. They are the true grafters of the skin care and makeup world; everybody who wears makeup should invest in one. If you had to pick one over the other it makes sense to invest in CC over BB, simply because CC is a more advanced version of a BB cream.

And so to summarize… If you want a multitasking product to apply to your face that moisturises, protects, primes, corrects and brightens your skin while working to reveal even prettier skin all at the same time, then climb aboard the CC, BB train. Simply wake up, cleanse, slap some on and let it do all the hard work. Pretty darn delightful!

coming soon to a beauty counter near you… DD creams.