so…. He liked it, took Beyonces advice, and decided put a ring on it! Once the tears of excitement and joy have dried up and loud squeals from family
and friends are nothing but a distant ringing in your ears, its time to get into wedding planner mode. In the months and weeks leading up to a brides big day there are countless decisions to be made and usually budgets to stick within – venues, caterers, bands, transport, invitations and of course who could forget THE dress. One can be forgiven for placing booking a professional makeup artist somewhat low on a brides list of priorities. However its
certainly not something that should be entirely absent from the ‘to do ‘ list, unless of course the bride is in possession of professional style brushes and products and indeed WANTS to apply her own makeup on her wedding day. Hiring a makeup artist with the kit and the knowledge to understand how to apply radiant makeup that not only looks good in person but is flawless in photos and lasts is essential.  Lets discuss a couple of common misconceptions about hiring a professional makeup artist for your big day

Professional bridal makeup is an unnecessary expense….

  • Its only natural and sometimes imperative to stick within a tight budget for your wedding. A wedding day is a hugely expensive event and often people don’t have any help with the financial side of things. As a result of this some brides are forced to prioritise certain aspects of their wedding and many choose to skip hiring a makeup artist altogether, of all things to scrimp on, this is a poor decision and one she may regret later! Perhaps holding back on things like menu’s, favours and other such accessories would be wiser. The bride is the focus of the entire day, not a single guest will walk away without having gazed at her. A bride will never be photographed as much as she is on her wedding day for the rest of her life. A professional makeup artist can create a beautiful look that lasts throughout the day and well into the evening without the need for touch ups. In that context, hiring a professional makeup artist with all of their expertise, experience and products can make a huge difference and seems, in the grand scheme of a budget, like a pretty good investment.

– I can do my own makeup just fine…

  • The fact remains that most woman understand and know how to apply their makeup very well indeed. This is absolutely fine for everyday life and the odd evening out, however your wedding day is not just another day at work or evening out with friends, it’s the most anticipated and exciting day of a brides life and a day that she wants to look her most beautiful. If someone is ever going to get the shakes, its pretty much guaranteed that their wedding day will bring on a serious case of jittery hands – not good for applying eye-liner and lipstick! A bride will no doubt have lots on her mind and a makeup up artist will allow her just to sit and relax, drink champaign, be pampered, chat to her bridesmaids and think about the amazing day ahead. It is important to remember that a professional makeup artist will have many more up to date products and colours to work with than the average person, these products will often specifically designed to complement photography and weddings, this is certainly the case with rose&bird. Professional photographers have a powerful lens, those pictures are for life (not just for Christmas) make sure you are looking back at a beautiful, flawless and radiant bride…. aka a rose&bird bride!

Has this piqued your interest in hiring a professional makeup artist to come to you on your special day? Or do you know a bride who might be interested in our professional services? rose&bird pride ourselves on providing a personal service tailored to the individual, take a look at our portfolio and testimonials from other beautiful and satisfied rose&bird brides – we love to chat so please contact rose&bird for details.